The LARGEST Repossession Agency In Texas

Panhandle Recovery Services provides asset recovery in Texas, Oklahoma, and Eastern New Mexico to lenders, finance companies, credit unions, forwarders, car dealers and more.

To better serve your repossession needs in Texas, we have physical offices and storage lots in Shamrock, Amarillo, Lubbock, Midland, Abilene, and Wichita Falls.

All of our employees and network affiliates are made up of experienced professionals who are trained to provide reliable consistent service the Panhandle Recovery Services way. They are all trained on all Federal, State and Local laws to make sure the process is always professional and efficient.

Our primary goal is to quickly recover your collateral with the least amount of exposure to liability. To do this we use the Recovery Database Network (RDN), the latest technology available in the marketplace. Recovery Database Network (RDN) is the system we use to handle day-to-day operations. Its real-time technology allows our clients to retrieve or receive information, as they need it and keeps track of each assignment from receipt through disposition. RDN allows an instant flow of information from the main office to the field agents and from the main office to our clients. All Agents are equipped with Clearplan, the most advanced Logistical Mapping program on the market.


We use DRN cameras to further assist in securing your collateral. We use in truck video systems, all trucks are GPS equipped and all agents use Smartphones and Tablets to make sure the recovery process is as efficient as possible.